My Phaeton Mods

Surge Protector Modification

I have used the Progressive Industries EMS-PT50C unit for about 4 years. I bought it when we had our fifth wheel and I did not want to hard wire a surge protection device into the unit, because I knew we weren't going to keep it when we went full timing. So when we bought the Tiffin Phaeton I just kept it and have been using it ever since. The unit has worked great, but it had a tendency to get moisture inside the unit after a big rain and if the unit was lying on the ground rather than hanging from a pedestal. We had this problem when we started our trip back from Alaska in August of 2009 and stopped in Prince George, BC. There was moisture behind the LED readout and L-1 showed that the voltage was about twice what it should be. I called Progressive Industries and they said to send it to them and they would repair it for no charge. This happened another couple times with each time Progressive Industries repairing it for no charge. I got tired of this cycle so I decided to mount the unit inside my electrical compartment, but make it still available to be portable. I liked the portability of it so if I check into a campground and I find that I have a bad electrical pedestal I can take the unit to other pedestals in the campground until I find a good one. I couldn't do that with a hard wired unit that Progressive Industries also sells. I could have also sold my existing portable unit and bought a hard wire unit, but I didn't want to spend the money!
So I first removed the existing shore power cable from the transfer switch and wired it to a 50 Amp receptacle mounted on the wall of the electrical compartment.
I purchased a 50 molded plug and cable from Lowes. It was 6' long and I didn't need all that length, so I cut it to 3' and wired it into the transfer switch. The 3' length would allow me to plug straight into the receptacle and bypass the unit if for some reason the Progressive Industries unit failed.
The EMS-PT50C fit just perfectly and I can read LED with no problems.
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